Red Team News: Are you thinking about purchasing a rental property?

Are you a current property owner who wants to ensure you’re getting the best return on your investment?

Red Team Real Estate is proud to announce that our very own Michael Mayes is publishing his first book, The 7 Rules of Selecting a Property Manager. Set to debut in 2016, this book goes far beyond simply selecting a property manager. Inside you will find a wealth of information, tips and secrets that all current and would-be investors should know. Ready for more? Here’s a sneak peek of one of the topics Michael will cover:

Real Estate Agent vs. Property Manager

Did you know that in Texas (and many other states) you must be a licensed real estate agent in order to be a property manager? While this law makes sense and has its benefits, there are some big downfalls that can arise from it as well.

Are you aware that something as small as a missing peep-hole could end up costing you up to $500 in rental code violations? Most of these “sign in the yard” type agents don’t really have the time or motivation to stay on top of the latest laws, or even the most basic ones for that matter.

There’s just no way that a part-time agent can manage and protect your investment as it should be, and most likely, they won’t be readily accessible or available when a crisis does occur. More times than not, the part-time “manager” usually views the property owner as a short-term revenue stream, not a long-term partner, which ends up costing investors more than they bargained for.

Owning real estate is a business and should be treated as such. Just because someone agrees to collect the renter’s check, does not ensure they are looking out for you best interest…

The 7 Rules of Selecting a Property Manager, coming soon in 2016!

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