New Trends in Property Management

Which ones are shaping the future of your investment?

Part 1: Technology for Owners

Technology is changing the Property Management industry for both Landlords and Renters alike.The question is…which trends are shaping the future of property management right now, and most importantly, how can you use them to make the most of your investment? Here are Red Team Real Estate’s top two trends and the “must haves” for Investors or their Property Managers.

Management Software

Every REAL Property Management has to invest in Management Software to assist them in their account management. There’s so much paperwork and documentation involved in this business—it only makes sense to have technology working for you. Here are some of the most helpful and valuable tools for managing your property:

  • Accepting Payments via ACH
    Every month property owners and management companies spend a great deal of time and energy collecting rent from their tenants. All the while, costs for accepting, processing and depositing checks continue to escalate. Using a service like ACH saves you time, money and all the headaches typically involved in rent collection.
  • Reporting
    When you invest in technology and the management systems, it enables you to have clear and concise reporting. This includes monthly owner statements, cash flow reports and other information that owners need to review to confirm that their “Rental Business” is working.
  • End of Year Reporting
    Realtors that “do property management” have a hard time with end of year reports as well as with 1099s. When a Property Management Company invests in technology the 1099 process is automated and accurate. No hand completed 1099s for your owners or vendors!

Investing in technology for your Rental Business just makes good sense! Here are just a few other benefits you’re sure to appreciate:

  1. Web-based solutions available 24/7/365
  2. Risk management tools to help reduce losses
  3. Ability to edit payment information and schedule
  4. Robust reporting

Harness the Power of the Internet & Social Media

One of the latest and most effective tools for marketing to potential tenants and assisting property managers with showcasing their properties is online and through social media outlets. Sorry, folks…the world wide web isn’t going away, so if you’re not already proficient in rental property marketing, it’s time to hop on board!

  • Mobile Leasing Tools
    According to an article in Apartment Management Magazine, 87% of electronic device sales will be tablets and smartphones…which means property owners (or their managers) will need to accommodate this new generation of prospects and applicants with mobile online leasing tools. If you’re not already targeting mobile users you’re missing out on a huge slice of the renter demographic.
  • Application Process
    Most companies, regardless of industry, have embraced the Internet. It is amazing how many owners and “part-time” property managers are still using paper applications. What a mess! Investing in software systems allows you to do the whole application process online. With mobile online leasing tools, you’ll even have the ability to have a prospective tenant complete an application on an iPad or smartphone before they’ve left the property. Talk about efficiency!
  • Ratings and Reviews
    An online rating can carry a lot of weight with many potential tenants, and bad reviews tend to get much more attention than the good ones. Property management companies need to develop a program to get satisfied renters to post positive reviews and give good ratings. It may seem frivolous, but we’ve found that these types of programs are a worthy investment that can provide a good return.

Purchasing and learning how to use all this new technology may seem overwhelming to an Investor. Red Team Real Estate has a proven track record of giving their clients the leverage needed to stay on top of the most current trends. If you’re not already using a Property Management service, or your current company isn’t keeping up, we invite you to give us a call and speak with one of our experienced agents today.
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