Downsizing Trend on the Rise in North Texas

A downsizing trend in North Texas as well as nationwide is taking hold when it comes to real estate.

A recent survey put together by shows home premiums on houses between 3,000 and 5,000 square feet steadily declined since 2012. Some buyers are choosing to avoid mass produced homes between 3, 000 and 5,000 square feet. Industry insiders are seeing a swing toward smaller more affordable homes with less overhead and cost than associated with a large oversized house.

Traditional families are leaning towards townhomes, condos, and smaller single family homes. Most of which are under 3000 square feet.

Tarrant County has a wealth of these wonderful smaller properties for sale especially in the Historic Fairmount District, Arlington Heights, Mistletoe Heights, and around the TCU / Westcliff neighborhoods. The ability to blend the craftsmanship of the old through original flooring and unique architectural features with conveniences of modern technology and upgraded appliances make these neighborhoods some of the most sought after places in Fort Worth. This is good news for sellers and buyers in our marketplace.

As a Historic Home Specialist and an expert in these neighborhoods, I am well equipped to show you the potential of their older homes as a great opportunity if you are in the market to downsize. From north to south, give me a call or shoot me an email and I’ll share my favorites!

Client Spotlight: Foundation Resolutions LLC

As landlords and investors it’s inevitable that we’ll run into some major repairs along the way. But what we may not plan on is losing time and money on vacancies because of unscrupulous contractors and repairmen.

Red Team has been in the business long enough to recognize quality workmanship when we see it. If you have any foundation and/or water problems, Foundation Resolutions, LLC is the team for you. Integrity in this industry is hard to come by – Foundation Resolutions is a great option!

Founder of Red Team Property Management and Educational Entrepreneur, Michael Mayes is impassioned about raising the bar of greatness by cultivating your understanding in all areas of property and real estate. 

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