Knowing the REAL Numbers

3 Easy Steps for Buying Profitable Properties

Just like buying a home for themselves, there is a full spectrum of reasons investors may have for buying a specific rental property. Some will buy strictly for the rental income, some will strategically buy into a neighborhood because of an expectation of appreciation, some need the tax savings and others are simply buying for the long term equity gains.

If you are interested in real estate investing, the following three steps are going to be fundamental in choosing a profitable property, as well as making it a heck of a lot easier!

  • You’re not ready to start moving forward until you’ve established where you want to end. Know where you are going in advance. Set clear goals and expectations of what you want to gain from your properties.
  • Finding an agent who knows your area and understands property investments is crucial! In addition, regardless of your reason(s), it is essential that the agent buying for you understands your specific short and long-term goals. Only then can they help you discern the pros and cons of individual properties.
  • Do the research and project ahead. In the ever changing world of real estate there may not be any guarantees but there are many ways to ensure you’re making the right decision. If real estate investing is new to you, don’t just jump into the deep end—find someone who can help educate and guide you into the right investment.

Are you ready to take the next step?

Over the years we have worked with many clients that were ready to jump into a property that, at face value, looked like a profitable investment. But even a peach of a property can turn to a lemon without drilling out the real numbers based on your individual reasons. Red Team Real Estate has created a 12-month worksheet that will measure your goals against your purchase. This unique and valuable tool will help you visualize what a property purchase is going to look like so you can ensure you’re making the most of your investments. Call us today @ 817-921-3545 for more information and a FREE 12-month investment worksheet!

Winning. Clients.

The 2015 top 3 insider tips for buying property in the DFW real estate market.

In Baseball, you cannot win the game in the first inning. If you get too far behind though, you can make the hole so deep that it is difficult to win the game. It is the same for purchasing real estate rentals. You need to “play” smart on the front end. If you find yourself getting behind, no need to worry! You can make that up over time. However, if you buy poorly on the front end, you will be chasing to get back to square one and may never make it.

It’s about Return on Investment (ROI).
There is no reason to buy a property for a long term rental if you are not aware of and focused on the ROI. As a rule of thumb for purchasing a Single Family Rental (SFR), we remind our clients that Red Team is looking for homes that are going to generate a fair ROI. For an SFR, we would typically look for a home that the purchase price plus repairs is going to generate approximately 1% per month in rental income. This is not exact, but if a property is not going to generate the income that we are looking for, we move on to the next opportunity. Note: This does not apply to turning an existing property into a rental, only to the purchase of a new property as a rental.

Remove Emotion.
Another thing to remember is to take emotion out of it. A rental property purchase is an investment. It is a business that is expected to generate revenue and ultimately a profit. If you purchase a rental and never make any money on it, then why did you buy it? Often we find people wanting to purchase a property because they like a certain neighborhood or because the price is great. Well, there may be reasons to make that purchase, however a good rental purchase is going to be one that generates an ROI that the owner is happy with receiving. A rental is not a good rental purchase because the owner can see themselves living in that house.

Always have the end in mind.
We tell our clients, knowing the long term plan is important on rentals. How long you are going to hold the property and what are you using the rental investment vehicle to accomplish? If you make a plan and know where you are headed, it is much easier to get there.

Educating for REAL Greatness,

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